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Tix Vecosan Plus

Acid cleaner

Volume: 25 L.

Tix Vecosan Plus is a biodegradable acid cleaner for descaling and degreasing.

Tix Vecosan Plus is used for cleaning train wagons (removal of brake substances for instance), containers, the exterior of trucks, tarpaulins, etc.

Tix Vecosan Plus is also ideal for periodic thorough cleaning of washrooms, pre-treatment of surfaces to be painted & cleaning and polishing of anodized, enameled (wet coating systems) and raw aluminum. The product removes oxidation, lime, cement veil, scale, urine streak, soap and grease deposits, atmospheric pollution, industrial pollution from aluminum frames, sports rims, trucks, roofs, walls, factory halls, garage doors, etc.

  • Very powerful cleaner
  • Biodegradable
  • Degreasing properties
  • Aluminum cleaner

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