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Tix Steamclean Extra

Steam cleaner

Volume: 25 L.

Tix Steamclean Extra is a highly concentrated cleaning agent based on anionogenic surface-active substances, alkaline salts and hardness salt stabilizers. Because of the addition of hardness salt stabilizers, this product can be used in steam equipment, with calcareous water, without the risk of clogging the spray nozzles of the spraying equipment. As a result, it is very suitable to use in steam cleaners and high-pressure spraying equipment. The ideal combination of Tix Steamclean Extra and a steamy beam enables you to clean places that are particularly difficult to reach.

Tix Steamclean Extra is used to remove oil, grease and dirt from machinery, chassis, tanks, containers and from floors in workshops and engine rooms.

  • Highly concentrated
  • No clogging
  • NSF approved

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