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Tix Carbon Remover

Decarbonizing and stripping agent

Volume: 25 L.

Tix Carbon Remover removes heavy oil, tar and charred contaminants and most paints/lacquers.

Tix Carbon Remover is as good as neutral and can therefore be used safely on the most common metals including non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc and galvanized material. Unlike most carbon removers, the evaporation rate is low, so that an liquid layer is not necessary.

Tix Carbon Remover is mainly used in combination with immersion baths for cleaning heavily contaminated objects such as engines, gearboxes, pistons, oil pumps, atomizers,
burners, pipes, coolers, oil filters, etc.

  • Removes oil & tar
  • Removes old paint
  • Low evaporation rate

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