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And so it begins…

Vecom was founded in 1953 by Mr. Verbon and Mr. De Vries as a supplier to the maritime industry.

The company experienced a strong growth in cleaning and maintenance products for the maritime industry. Choosing this industry set the location of the establishment: Maassluis, the backyard of shipping agency Dirkzwager and Smit International.

Besides the maritime industry, Vecom has mainly focused on metal surface treatment.

Products for pickling, passivation, phosphating and electrolytic polishing of metal, as well as degreasers and other cleaning products, were developed to the portfolio.


Tix came on the market in the late 1970’s as a brand of Tensia S.A. Liège, a manufacturer of household products & chemical cleaning products for the industry. Tensia S.A. Liège was part of the British Petroleum Group. After the Gulf War, BP Tensia S.A. Liège and Tix were sold to Yplon.

In 2002 Vecom acquired the business regarding cleaning products for the industry and automotive sector from Yplon in Estaimpuis (now McBride). These products, with the Tix name, experienced enormous growth and became widely known.

Alongside the products bear the Tix name, our products are also produced under private label for a number of renowned brands.

Acquisition by Flexoclean

In 2019 Flexoclean Engineering B.V. acquired the Tix product line and part of the Vecom products (cleaners & degreasers) and placed them in a new subsidiary called VecoTix..


Today VecoTix B.V., active in 8 countries, has a standard range of more than 150 products for different sectors: Industry, Automotive, Marine, Cleaning, Transport, Food, Chemicals, Petroleum and more.

Besides our standard range of high-quality products, VecoTix offers its expertise to develop products, tailored to the customers requirements and requests. Depending on the type of pollution, we will develop the most efficient and effective products in collaboration with our laboratory, taking into account the respect and wellbeing for people and nature.